Our environmental and social performance has led to international recognition and has set our company apart in a highly sophisticated and competitive industry.

Valle y Pampa's innovation efforts are focused in keeping our high efficiency levels of production beyond standard agricultural practices. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the successful implementation of breakthrough technologies that have resulted in unprecedented savings in water, fertilizer and energy use while keeping or improving production yields. These efforts have been validated by earning the Sustainable Water Industry Group Award (SWIG) in 2013, allowing us to share our know how with other interested parties. We see this as our biggest contribution to the Peruvian and global agricultural sector.

Our commitment to sustainability, however, transcends our past achievements thanks to a strong corporate culture that allows us to permanently push the boundaries with regards to performance improvement and innovation. We make the latter possible through the external collaboration of leading environmental professionals and the development of internally generated ideas focused on promoting 'small tweaks for big changes'.