Blueberries lead the super fruit category due to its long list of health related benefits for which vast research has been done and published. It is also very easy to eat, which makes it a great product in terms of convenience for the consumer. These are two main reasons why blueberry consumption is expected to show a continuous growth in the long term.

Blueberries are originally native to North America. Time and research allowed growing blueberries in a wide range of different regions and climates. Recently, blueberry production is starting to thrive in Peru thanks to better genetics with adaptability to our low latitude conditions.

Valle y Pampa pioneered the growing of this exceptionally beneficial fruit in the Peruvian desert with excellent results in both yields and product quality.

We currently grow, pack and ship blueberries in the March-April and July-December periods, looking after every detail to deliver top quality blueberries to our clients worldwide.

Furthermore, as in our other crops, we excel in efficient water, fertilizer and energy use which allows us to provide a more sustainable product to the market.

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